Welcome to Xandralite, home planet of kick-ass software tooling for creating passive income online.

My name is Jay and I am a software developer / seo.

In the past, I have built lots of software to help automate some of the most mind numbingly boring, repetitive tasks.

In 2012. I’ve built Build Your Widget. This is my largest undertaking ever, as it took me a year to design and build.

I’m always working on some nifty new software tool. This is the place where I’ll be posting it.

Some of my software I want to give away for free. Other software I will sell.

Xandralite is my home base for all my online activities!

On Xandralite, I will be posting:

  • my own software tools that help automate online tasks related to generating passive income
  • making money online methods / case studies
  • free keyword giveaways from research that I perform with my own proprietary keyword researching software
  • interviews with successful people in the MMO community
  • insights on recent developments on the Internet (such as algo changes, changes in the social media landscape, etc.)
  • reviews of other peoples’ useful software
  • programming related stuff that can help you understand the workings of the web better (which in turn (and indirectly) helps you make more money)
  • documents I’ve written in PDF form (think make money online guides, etc.)
  • any information that is of value with relation to success in making money online and success in life in general
  • some more information on myself (in the near future), so you can get to know me better (this site needs a personality, damnit!)

If this doesn’t make you get the picture, be sure to check back (especially the front page) and see for yourself!

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