Free Software: Spin Link Builder

A few years ago, when article spinning was all the rage, I wrote Spin Link Builder.


Spin Link Builder

This program can be used to automate the mundane task of having to spin your links.

As you can tell from the affiliate links used in the software, it was originally intended to be used in conjuction with Unique Article Wizard.

But you can use it with any spun content article distribution platform, I suppose.

Just so long as that platform supports the standard {|} spintax.

The program usage is included in the text boxes upon startup.

To give Spin Link Builder its first whirl, simply click Build Spin Links and then click Replace Tokens With Spin Links.

Way back in good ole’ 2010, Ben from MMO with SEO was one of the first people to try this software and he totally loved it!

Later on, Spin Link Builder received a raving review from Yolanda at the now defunct website Paid In Passive (web archive link).

Yolanda is out of the MMO game now, but I’m sure she’ll be happy to learn that I’ve modified Spin Link Builder to no longer automatically convert all the keywords to title case! 😀

Click here to download Spin Link Builder. (7-zip required)

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